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Home School

Home School Schedule
Monday - Thursday from 7AM-2PM

Field Work
Thursdays from 9AM-11:30AM

Students will meet at The W Training Facility before going to Los Alamos Sports Park for field work

Monday - Thursday

Balance, Cardio, Agility, Weight Training, Strength Training, Flexibility, Sport Specifics.

Monday – Thursday

Social & Emotional Building, Public Speaking, Projects, Writing, Research, Self-Reflections, Peer Feedback and Engagement. In connection with Method Schools.

Method Schools


Monthly pricing available (sibling options also offered).

Includes any position specific training at the W Training Facility throughout the entire school year as well as all training throughout the week.

Students/Parents are responsible for finding curriculum for their child. Tutoring and in-class assistance is available for all students.

*Contact the W Training Facility to find out more about our pricing options. *

Contact our instructor, Joseph Cancellieri, directly at (631) 793-7457 or at
Or fill in the form below to get in touch with The W Training Facility.